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Protecting and restoring forests is an effective way to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, to meet the challenge of climate change and at the same time promote biodiversity and benefits to society.


A strong part of Zenjob's vision is being 100 % digital. In order to increase sustainability the company only provides digital job contracts leading to saving a lot of paper. In cooperation with Naturetreet, and with the aim of being a climate-friendly company Zenjob plants 20 trees every month. 


Trees planted to date


Project Description

Due to the weather conditions, the planting planned for the end of 2022 had to be postponed to the beginning of 2023. The planting was carried out in an alder forest that had partially died due to the drought of recent years. The forest, which used to consist of 100% red alder, was reforested with the aim of making the forest more climate-stable. To this end, the biodiversity was expanded with fluttering elms, wild service trees, bird cherries, black walnut and walnut trees. The planting of the PEFC-certified area was successfully carried out thanks to numerous helpers and the support of all Naturetreet customers.

Equivalent Carbon Dioxid Absorption (CO2) in t

Tree Location

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