Protecting and restoring forests is an effective way to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, to meet the challenge of climate change and at the same time promote biodiversity and benefits to society.


A strong part of Zenjob's vision is being 100 % digital. In order to increase sustainability the company only provides digital job contracts leading to saving a lot of paper. In cooperation with Naturetreet, and with the aim of being a climate-friendly company Zenjob plants 20 trees every month. 


Trees planted to date


Project Description

With the planting in November 2020, an area of approx. 1,500 sqm was replanted. Due to the past droughts, the site has been subject to heavy pest infestation (bark beetle). The severe damage caused by the pests led to a completely bare area. The former spruce site could be replanted with a healthy mixture of about 50% broadleaf and 50% conifer. Tree species include sweet chestnut, black walnut, walnut, cherry and Douglas fir. The choice of tree species at this site is considered sustainable with regard to the changing climate in Central Europe.
The area is PEFC-certified and thus meets standards that take ecological, social and economic aspects into account. This project would not have been economically feasible without our help.

Equivalent Carbon Dioxid Absorption (CO2) in t

Tree Location