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Protecting and restoring forests is an effective way to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, to meet the challenge of climate change and at the same time promote biodiversity and benefits to society.

Dronesperhour GmbH uses part of its turnover to plant trees on a regular basis. This motivates the employees to complete further projects.


Trees planted to date


Project Description

The predominantly coniferous forest in southern Brandenburg covers around 180 hectares and has been intensively converted into a mixed forest since 2019. To this end, the existing monoculture is being thinned out and underplanted with mixtures of cherry, sweet chestnut, red oak, pedunculate oak, sessile oak, service tree, hazel, butternut, small-leaved lime, fluttering elm, black walnut, Douglas fir, larch, silver fir and Lebanese cedar. Both planting and sowing are used. The current reforestation of the PEFC-certified area covers approx. 3 ha and was successfully carried out thanks to numerous helpers and the support of all Naturetreet customers.

Equivalent Carbon Dioxid Absorption (CO2) in t

Tree Location

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